Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recycling WINs and FAILs, Round 1

WIN spotted in a Copley common room, and FAIL spotted on Lau 3.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Upcoming EcoAction Events

The next EcoAction meeting will be Monday (tomorrow), March 21, in ICC 102 @ 8:15 PM. Bring your friends!

Our annual Recycling Raid will be Sunday, March 27, all over campus. Join EcoAction as we raid the waste disposals to see how much has or has not been recycled!

Learn about Oxfam Extractive Industries and Human Rights on Wednesday, March 30, location TBD. During the week of March 28, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is hosting its 141st period of hearing sessions. Oxfam America staff and partners from Peru will be speaking on the topic of indigenous peoples and rural communities rights around oil, gas and mining operations. As the Peruvian presidential elections approach, Oxfam partners will discuss the issue of proper consultation with communities directly affected by mining. Join us to hear the case of the Rio Blanco indigenous community, in Central Peru, adjacent to the Majaz mining operation, which larger shareholder is the Chinese consortium Zijin.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Republicans and the Environment

This article was cross-posted on the Georgetown Progressive.

The Republican Party isn’t exactly known for its environmental activism. Reagan refused to take action on one of the biggest environmental issues of his era-acid rain-and systematically weakened the clout of the EPA. George H.W. Bush ended his term with a freeze on environmental regulations, and his son refused US support for the Kyoto Protocol.

Yet rarely have Republicans been so overtly hostile to existing environmental protections as the current legislators in the 112th Congress. Since the most recent election, Republicans in the House of Representatives have led a series of unprovoked assaults on the EPA. The attack has been two-pronged, with one focus on the EPA’s budget and the other on its powers of regulation.