Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Greenhouse LLC

Are your heroes Rachel Carson, Wangari Mathaai and Bill McKibben? Do you hug trees on a regular basis? If so, great! If not, that’s great too! Either way, apply to join The Greenhouse, one of Georgetown University’s newest Living Learning Communities. The Greenhouse welcomes students of all interests and views who aim to learn more about environmental issues pertaining to our university, city, nation and Earth. In this community, students will take part in a range of activities designed to foster conversation on the environment. They will also have the opportunity to put their knowledge into action; first they will attend and organize events related to sustainability. Second, they will live according to a set of sustainable practices that they will determine at the beginning of the academic year.
While this community will change according to the needs and desires of its members, a small sampling of possible group living practices include:
  • Pledging to unplug and switch off electronics when not in use
  • Pledging to use heat and AC in moderation, if at all
  • Composting all biodegradable materials
  • Buying local, organic, vegan/vegetarian food for all meetings and events
  • Gardening in a plot in a community garden
Possible programming includes:
  • Attending DC Environmental Film Festival screenings
  • Visiting Eastern Market or local farmer’s markets
  • Hiking with Outdoor Education
  • Taking the St. Francis Pledge
  • Hosting Earth Week and Earth Day speakers, films and “how-to” events
For more information, check out the ResLife LLC page or contact The Greenhouse advisor, Professor Sarah Stoll 

Applications for current sophomores and juniors are due in two weeks on Thursday, 11/1/12.


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