Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ode to Etta and Facilities

As the finals season winds down and you start to go home (I'm sure most of you are home already- lucky you!), just a reminder to keep in your thoughts and thanks the people who work here to keep Georgetown running.

The Office of Facilities works really hard throughout the entire year to make sure our lives are relatively comfortable and constantly clean up after us- no easy task. They also work for most of break. So next time you see a Facilities staffer cleaning up or throwing something out, make sure you thank them, or even try having a conversation.

I recently ran into Etta, who worked in Harbin when I lived there. She works very hard to support her family, much of whom lives in Jamaica, and is an extremely kind woman. Though most of us have never said a word to these people, they are an integral part of Georgetown.

Have a great holiday season and safe travels,
(And be on the lookout for a new post about Copenhagen after the dust settles!)
Kristin Ng
President of EcoAction

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