Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Big Boathouse Bill

On Thursday, the Voice's blog (Vox Populi) posted an article about how much GU has been spending to lobby for space for the proposed new boathouse. The land that the University has been eying is protected by the National Park Service, so what does that mean? Time to spend money to lobby for removal of restrictions (but of course)!

GU recently tacked on an extra $20,000 to the boathouse bill, bringing its total to $1.2 million (since 2005). Yes, you heard that right. When GU is constantly strapped for financial aid and when we have had a historically weak endowment (making the University averse to outlays of money for things that are not buildings), it has been spending large sums of money for federally PROTECTED land.

Wouldn't it be nice to see that money invested in the students? A new boathouse has very limited meaning to the student body as a whole, and its financial and environmental costs seem to outweigh any financial benefits that could be accrued.

Think about the hurdles that it took to get an organic garden on campus. Think about the efforts that GU is putting into getting the NPS to remove restrictions on land. Reflect.

Photo courtesy of Vox Populi.

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