Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eco-friendly Dorm Tips Countdown to the Hilltop #3

This post is going to be a 2 for 1 since I get to bring in some great survey data I found today.

According to a UK poll commissioned by IBM released yesterday, Generation Y (aka "us") is the least savvy age group when it comes to energy and water consumption. We tend to care more, but we know less.

To help you save energy, I am introducing

Tip #3: Buy a power strip...and use it.

The survey noted above interviewed 2014 adults 18 and over and asked them a variety of questions about energy and water usage. These included questions like "Which uses more energy: a kettle or a tumble dryer?" as well as questions inquring about people's own practices.

The 18 to 25 demographic, which didn't fare too well in the knowledge part, represents the college age and just out of college age group; in other words, those of us who are just living on our own for the first time. If we are living in a residence hall, we probably pay very little attention to our consumption since we don't see any bills, and even if we live in a townhouse, only one person in the group tends to coordinate the bills.

Having a power strip is a good way to making cutting down energy consumption a bit easier. If you want to turn things off but don't want to have to do so one by one (especially when they are hard to reach), you can just flick one switch to shut them all off (and then flip that same switch to keep them on).

Make sure to flip that power switch when you leave the room and go to bed so that your room doesnt' consume energy while you're out (or in dreamland)!

The power strip in the photo (taken from Flickr) is a "smart" power strip.

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