Monday, August 24, 2009

Eco-friendly Dorm Tips Countdown to the Hilltop #2

In your dorm room, you will probably collect a fair amount of trash over time. However, with all of the paper drafts, to-do lists, scrap, etc., a lot of that will be paper-based. So, here we have tip #2:

When it comes to recycling bins, "make it your own."

I know this isn't the most creative of catchphrases, but having your own recycling bin in your room is very useful. It makes your life easier to sort things as they come--paper, plastic, glass, cans in one bin; wrappers, food, etc., in the other.

You can put your mini recycling bin next to your mini trash can or maybe next to your printer if most of the recycling stream will be bad paper drafts. Or, you can work with your roommate so that one buys the trash bin and the other buys the recycling, and then you share.

And, if you really want to "make it your own," put a sign on it. I have always been partial to Woodsy the Owl, a character from an old Forest Service campaign.

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