Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Blogroll

This week, I thought we'd try a blogroll. It's hard to keep track of all the environmental news online, so I compiled some Georgetown, local, and national news, both from news sites and from blogs. Comment if you like this type of post! If so, we can make it a regular feature.

In Georgetown news, The Hoya covers the DC Green Student Organization Forum! A great overview, and insightful quotes from Bettina and Maddie.

The Georgetown website (who writes these articles?) celebrates GU's improvement in Recyclemania this year. We were in the top 10% of the Grand Champion category.

In DC news, the District has ranked as the top state for LEED certified buildings, GreenerBuildings reports.

In national news, the New York Times's Green blog compiled a list of the top twenty solar states. Unfortunately, DC didn't make the cut, but maybe your home state did!

In case you haven't had enough of the royal wedding already, an Ecouterre columnist is making the case that Kate Middleton's ring was eco-friendly because it was locally mined and repurposed.

Did you miss our screening of The Vanishing of the Bees in March? You can learn all about Colony Collapse Disorder in the Beekeeper's column on the Daily Green this week.

A blogger on HuffPost Green asks a question that plagues many environmentalists who have troubling giving up meat products: Is Half a Vegan Better Than None?

We were all jealous of GWU's and American's progress at the forum last night, and now we can be jealous of Germany and Brazil too. Visit Grist to learn about how climate change legislation is advancing in other countries.

Finally, if you need to be cheered up, check out this Treehugger article about lessons the writer learned about eating from her ridiculously adorable puppy. And yes, there is a picture.


  1. Yes this is great! Y'all should post links to these blog posts on the Facebook group page :-)

  2. Mara: we've transitioned to a page, where we do link to these posts. Like us :)