Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"It Begins With Energy" – President Obama's State of the Nation

I’m sure most of you, politically-minded and aware students, were watching the State of the Nation tonight. How excited were you to hear Obama reiterating (and reiterating and reiterating) the need for clean energy? It was the first thing out of his mouth, just going to show how important this issue is.

He seemed to call for a cap-and-trade approach. In my opinion, cap-and-trade is really the way to go. An overall tax on gas, I feel, would just never work. I feel that we, as a nation, would never be able to keep ourselves on it… kind of like a diet, you know? But I think that for the U.S. to enter the carbon trading market would be a real great thing. (Sorry – I AM in the B-School after all…)

I was so happy I almost cried… until he mentioned “clean coal.” My face literally fell. Any serious call for clean, renewable energy NEEDS to know that clean coal is not part of it. At least not in the long run. He didn’t (as far as I could tell) mention nuclear either… both of which are generally looked down upon by environmentalists. What are your thoughts?

And Nancy Pelosi in the background? I thought she was adorable when she stood up and clapped literally every five seconds. AND if you’re going to PowerShift this weekend, you’ll be able to see her! Hurray!

GET EXCITED! I know I am!

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