Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekly Recyclemania Stats

Where does Georgetown stand?

Here's what Jon has to say about this...

1) I find the standings in the Grand Champion to be the most impressive, for it shows that our recycling rate is in the top 25%.
2) The population of the campus listed on the website is 17,870, which includes all postgraduate students and all staff (including those at the Law Center and the Wisconsin Offices, respectively); consequently, I do not place as much personal attention on most of the per capita statistics.
3) However, despite the population concern, there is no point complaining about the benefit we receive in getting a top spot for waste minimization.

Grand Champion
50 Georgetown University34.63 %
out of 204 (TOP 25%)

Per Capita Classic
191 Georgetown University5.87
out of 292

Waste Minimization
20 Georgetown University16.96
out of 151 (TOP 15%)

Gorilla Prize
93 Georgetown University104952.00
out of 292 (TOP THIRD)

149 Georgetown University1.86
out of 204

75 Georgetown University3.33
out of 203 (TOP 40%)

Bottles and Cans
133 Georgetown University0.69
out of 210

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