Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Solar Trash Compactors

I know we have a few solar trash compactors around campus somewhere (but, from what I can see, not in the most hypervisible of places); however, I saw a lot of such receptacles when I was in Philadelphia recently and was very impressed by the city's initiative.

Throughout a fair amount of Center City, Philadelphia, there are Big Bellysolar trash and recycling compactors along the streets. These receptacles have mini solar panels that provide the energy to condense all of the trash inside--taking it off the grid, reducing the footprint, and enabling it to hold much more than previously possible. In high-traffic areas where trash often overflows, such a compactor is a major boon because it keeps the area clean (and reduces labor costs along the way).

Seeing these in Philadelphia made me wish that we could have a few more of these on campus---a great way to combine discussions about solar power and recycling into one medium (while simultaneously keeping our campus clean). Moreover, I would love to see them throughout DC. It is always disheartening to see all of the plastic bottles lining the trash cans in all neighborhoods of the District.

The Downtown DC BID recently began a recycling program, but it is still rather limited in light of the existing need. I think that the Georgetown BID should really take advantage of such an idea--if the residents are avid about cleanliness, then why not? Wouldn't it be great to see recycling receptacles discussed at the ANC?

Photo courtesy of http://www.bigbellysolar.com

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  1. there is, what i believe to be, a defunt one of these in Glover Archibald park