Monday, July 27, 2009

The College Student's Dream

When I was reading Planet Green earlier today, I came across one of the most amusing names for an article that I have ever seen: "Why Buying Nothing, Doing Less, and Being Lazy Can Help Save the Planet."

This probably brings comfort to many people out there who thought that by doing absolutely nothing that they were not being productive. However, this is the rare occasion where "armchair environmentalism" can be real environmentalism.

Basically, this brings up a few interesting points we've discussed in the past:
  • The T-shirt dilemma: How to give out prizes that don't engender environmental costs and waste in and of themselves
  • How to get people (myself included) away from a computer and outside
Although doing nothing in some respects has its eco advantage, being active in advocacy is still essential. Want to idle online? Email your Senator about ACES! Guess what--it's also FREE TO DO!

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