Friday, July 17, 2009

Wax-ing Poetic for the Future of Waxman-Markey

The time is now.

The air, the sea, the land, the life
Are facing undue pain and strife
And the future seems a bit too grim
And the future bright begins to dim.

The time is now.

But there is hope—the nation’s pride
To change the course, to change the tide.
Where will we be? I don’t know how.
But one thing I know.
The time is now.

To protect our land, to protect our sea
To protect our jobs, protect posteri-ty
To clean our tears, to clean our sky
For these and more—I do know why.

The amber waves of grain no more
They’ve turned to corn—to rot and store
In warehouses, inside a cow
Hungry stomachs, hearts—a broken vow.

The majesty of purple hills
Subject to not quite oil spills
But to the burden of King Coal,
Ripping apart their tops and soul.

The fruited plain has little borne,
No fruits, my friend, just only corn
The land once there, a chem’cal den
To be repeated time and time again.

The grace of God, the other part
The soul, the spirit, and the heart
Seem lost to those who lose their jobs
Who fortune pries and picks and robs.

The sea, the glimmer, that shining sea
Will soon become cal-a-mi-ty
With oil dripping , dripping, dropped
The sea of life, those lives, just stopped.

I do know what, I do know why
I do know when, I do know who
The time is now, the who is you.

The who to make the change we need,
To save today from blind’d greed
To save tomorrow from our sins
To hold up high our hearts and chins
As nation proud and nation strong
And nation bright, as all along
We knew we could if only tried,
If freed from past, from ropes untied.
To see the jobs, the hearts, and sky
For this and more, it’s clearly why
You now must act, the who is you
It is what only you can do
To promise us that truly will
You pass a stronger climate bill.

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