Monday, June 7, 2010

Children's Environmental Movies

Babysitting this summer?  Finding yourself nostalgic for some children's movies?  Bored?
I've compiled my top 5 children's environmental movies.

5) Ferngully (1992): Long considered the quintessential children's environmental movie.

Ferngully is about a group of fairies who need to protect their rain-forest home from humans who want to cut down their trees for wood.
Environmental theme: deforestation

4) Jetsons: The Movie (1990): Though maybe a bit before our time, this space-age adventure is still relevant to our time - almost a past-day, children's version of Avatar.  (Minus the cool effects and blue people.)

The Jetsons, America's favorite future-family, have moved to Orbiting-Ore Asteroid, where a new mining colony has opened.  However, the factory is drilling into aliens' community and ruining their homes.
Environmental theme: habitat destruction

3) The Last Mimzy (2007): Children's science-fiction movie with whimsical, sixth-sense features.

Mimzy, a stuffed rabbit with psychic powers, travels back from the future to try to save future-humans from their damaged DNA, caused by ecological problems.
Environmental theme: genetic pollution

2) WALL-E (2008): Oscar-winning Pixar movie with a dystopia-point-of-view of the future of humanity.

WALL-E is the last trash-compactor robot left on Earth to clean up the extreme trash left by humans, who are living a lazy lifestyle in space.
Environmental theme: overconsumption

1) Monsters, Inc.(2001): Oscar-nominated Pixar movie with a touching story about the monsters in your closet.

Monsters Inc. is the main power company for Monstropolis, using energy generated by human-children's screams.  Due to children becoming impervious to scaring tactics, Monsters Inc. is having difficulty finding enough energy.
Environmental theme: nonrenewable energy

Honorable Mention: The Simpsons Movie (2007): Though not exactly a children's movie, The Simpsons Movie sends the viewer thinly-veiled messages about environmental issues and government's response.
Homer Simpson, the lovable but bumbling protagonist, has polluted Springfield's lake due to his pet pig, Spider Pig.  President Schwarzenegger has ordered a glass dome to cover Springfield, with the intent of blasting the problem away.
Environmental theme: pollution


  1. I LOVE WALL-E. I also love the inclusion of Monsters, Inc., here.

  2. i have a special place in my heart for pixar movies