Monday, June 7, 2010

Power Summer

Hey Eco-Readers!
Sorry for the lack of posts as of recently.  We would like for you to keep tuned for some easy summer posts and to give you a heads up for some reformatting to come this summer.
Additionally, we'd like to wish good luck and offer thanks to our seniors who graduated a few weeks ago:

  • Jon Cohn, blog-poster extraordinaire, and ex-President/Treasurer/general holder-together-er, who will be going to graduate school
  • Tripti Bhattacharya, peace loving, plant loving, ex-board member and voice of reason, who will be going to graduate school
  • Mike Durante, generally awesome guy, ex-Monk, who will be working with his non-profit, Compass Partners, over the summer and then into the working world come Fall
  • Anique Drumright, enthusiasm-expert and spear-header of the off-campus composting movement
  • Maggie Curme, outdoor lover and kayaking master
  • Annie McBride, artistic genius and ex-board member
Peace out everyone and look forward to some great posts

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