Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Congrats to the new board!

Congratulations to the new EcoAction board!

Co-Presidents: Megan Griffin & Fatima Tas

Treasurer: Patricia Cippolitti

VP of Initiatives: Tristana Giunta

Marketing & Multimedia Chair: Madeline Collins

Monk: Colin Segura

Goodbye, good luck, and THANK YOU to our graduating seniors, former Co-Presidents Claire Austin and Seungah Lee! And the best of luck to former Treasurer Coral Keegan on her semester in Thailand!

In the coming weeks, the new board will be discussing EcoAction's focus for the next two semesters. If you have an idea for an issue you'd like us to work on, just let us know!


  1. i am so sorry that i could not be there for the elections tonight at the meeting
    but congratulations to the new board!

    i am so excited for you guys and what is to come :D

    much love

  2. yayy so excited for this coming year; so many ideas, so much enthusiasm, so much enviro-love <3