Monday, April 27, 2009

Georgetown University's First Annual Clothing Swap

This Thursday, April 23rd, EcoAction and Fashion for Education (the planning committee, Sangam Soi, Ellie Galbut, myself [Kristin Ng], and Masha Punchak are pictured) hosted Georgetown University's First Annual Clothing Swap. In my best estimate, we had about 50 attendees. I know I left with a bunch of shirts and a really cute dress... There were tons of clothes and some really good steals! We were also able to donate the remaining clothes to charity.

How does a clothing swap have anything to do with sustainability? Think that sustainability isn't compatible with clothes and cupcakes? Want to see more pictures from the event?

Pictured is Jessie Robbins, holding up a very appropriate t-shirt. A clothing swap, which is an event where people bring in all their old clothes and then convene to, essentially, trade (though in this case, donation was not necessary to pick up clothes) incorporates three of the big R's: Reduce (instead of shopping... pick up some free clothes), Reuse (obvious), and Recycle (obvious again).

Sangam with cupcakes donated generously from Georgetown Cupcake.

Tons of clothes!

Happy swappers!

We collected all week outside of Hoya Snaxa and Vital Vittles as well as in Red Square. Thanks to everyone who came out/volunteered to make this event a great success!

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