Friday, May 15, 2009

ABC News: Move Out Drive

I have written about the on campus move out drive that has been going on for the past few weeks a few times, and I must say that I am very pleased by how successful it has been. The move out drive has been a work in progress over the years:
2006: one collection site in Red Square for all of campus on one day
2007: collections on each floor without enough manpower to check them
2008: one collection site per residence hall without any monitoring or publicity

But this year has seen a lot of collaboration and early planning and great contacts!

I spoke about
KEYS earlier, and Dot Johnson, Valerie Johnson's daughter, a GU alumna, and a great artist, was able to hook us up with a friend of hers at ABC News, who was interested in writing about trends of sustainability at college campuses.

Jess Buckley, Hall Director of McCarthy and Director of Project Hilltop, wrote of today's filming with ABC News,
"ABC News, with reporter Gregory Simmons, was on campus filming about our drive & the trend of move out drives on campuses. Valerie Johnson from KEYS helped us coordinate a number of drop offs and pick ups today with Catholic Charities, Community Connections, and N St Village. So far, we've donated over 3 tons of clothes, 500 books, 6 fridges, a number of boxes of household goods, toiletries, food, small electronics, and more."

You can check out the awesome photos here.

Awesome job, everyone!

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