Monday, May 4, 2009

Smile, Shea: Sports and Sustainability

If there is one rallying point for the majority of Georgetown, it is none other than BASKETBALL. One of the few ventures off campus is the trip over to the Verizon Center, that behemoth of Gallery Place, to watch our time (hopefully) win. In our discussions of connecting the environmental message with campus spirit, basketball always comes up. We have thought about how to connect sustainability and basketball, but not much has come of the brainstorming.

Consequently, I was very excited to read a story about Fan Cans in Environmental Leader. As a part of their new recycling initiative, Coca Cola has set these receptacles up throughout the Washington Nationals Complex right here in the District.

Quick highlights:
-Permutations of baseball helmets, football helmets, and racing helmets.
-Composed of 50% post-consumer and industrial plastic
-100% recyclable at end of its life

If only the Verizon Center could have them!

I have always been disheartened by the lack of recycling facilities in the Verizon Center. Dasani water bottles or being sold left and right, but at the end of the game, they all end up in the trash. Last year, I remember thinking about this and wondering what could be done; however, working within the Georgetown Athletics department (or the University) itself would only go so far because the Verizon Center was not owned by Georgetown, and it was a HUGE venue.

I am very happy to see that Coca Cola is taking the initiative to connect sports and sustainability; I think it is a great way to capitalize on team pride and the overall spirit of the game. Plus, even if you don't usually recycle (Why, I would ask you first), you have to admit that you love the designs on these--they just make you happy.

I would be shocked if the Verizon Center does not see these by the end of the year, and if they don't, I think it would be a great issue to champion. If the structure exists, it should not be too hard.

Shea, you may not get Jack to chew the pollution box, but you may be able to see fellow Hoyas recycle.

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  1. Jon, Thank you for your kind words concerning our new Fan Cans.

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    Stephen Wolford
    Fan Cans, LLC.