Wednesday, May 13, 2009

EPA Green Power Challenge

The other day, when I was on facebook, I noticed a page for "The American Dream is Green." Since I thought it sounded like the name of a cool new nonprofit (I missed the blatant AU eagle--I was on a friend from AU's profile), I did some research on it and discovered the EPA College and University Green Power Challenge.

The competition ran throughout the 2008-2009 cycle and included many schools across athletic divisions, as detailed on the site. To me, it sounded like a hybrid of Recyclemania, the defunct energy saving competition, and the EPA.

Syracuse was the only school in the Big East to participate, much to my dismay. Georgetown was not represented; holding it out for DC was only AU and Catholic--both of which did fairly well. If they can do well and Syracuse can do well, I would hope that Georgetown could succeed as well--rather, I know.

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