Thursday, September 3, 2009

DeGioia Praises Sustainability Efforts, Evades Transparency Question

In today's edition of The Voice (Full credit to the Voice for the photo above) were excerpts from their interview with President DeGioia on Tuesday. A few days ago, Vox Populi (The Voice's widely-read blog) asked readers for questions that they would like to see addressed. I noted the big fat "F" that Georgetown got for the category of "Endowment Transparency" in last year's Sustainability Endowment Institute Report Cards. Although we had an overall score of B- (not that bad), that F really hurts chances of advancement. So, what's behind that F?

Apparently, DeGioia evaded the question quickly. This part of the interview was especially interesting because you could tell that the pace got very quick (notice the indications of unfinished sentences/talking over each other). DeGioia refused to comment on the "F" ("I can't comment on that grade") although he said he thinks that "we deserve better." He also lauded University sustainability efforst, such as the new sustainability website (discussed in an earlier post), the "Switch it Off" competition, and their participation in the Ivy League Plus Sustainability Working Group.

What are your thoughts?

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