Sunday, September 18, 2011


This post is by Claire Austin (SFS '12), co-president of EcoAction. 

Hey everyone, this is my very first blog post (embarrassing, I know) and since I have stagefright I’m going to keep this short and sweet. This is the first of what I’m sure will be many $HOUTOUTs (yes, I wrote it like that) to University administrators working to green the hilltop.

First off is Audrey Stewart, our alpha and omega of sustainability. Audrey is the Program Coordinator for Sustainability at Georgetown and she has been instrumental in getting students’ projects off the ground and connecting them to campus or D.C. resources. Since she arrived on campus, she has worked tirelessly on projects large and small within university administration to reduce our carbon footprint.

Erika Cohen-Derr, Director of Student Programs, is also a great friend of EcoAction and a proponent of sustainability on campus. She takes special care to incorporate student suggestions on how to reduce waste at student events like SAC Fair and Georgetown Day, and is helping us develop materials to train student group leaders in sustainability and reward them with “Green Organization” status.

More $HOUTOUTs after the jump!

The newest addition to the list of people we idolize is Claire Corbett at Lauinger Library. Claire has been a huge help in our efforts to make double-sided printing the default setting on library computers. We thank Claire for going out of her way for sustainability.

Much love to the students who came to our meeting to present on their eco-initiatives, including Jessie Robbins, GUSA’s Secretary of Sustainability and an all-around badass; Colin Doyle and his composting initiative; and Farmer’s Market co-founder Bre Donald. Contact these rock stars to get involved in their projects, and come out to our meetings to see how you can get involved and get EcoActive.

So there you have it, a group of hardworking people well deserving of a $HOUTOUT. We salute you!

If you want to give someone a green $HOUTOUT, write it up and email it to Madeline at!

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