Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday blogroll

It's a new semester, and Renewable Energy Turns Me On is going to be continuing the Sunday blogrolls that started last semester. If you find any interesting articles throughout the week that you think should be featured, email them to!  

Top news this week was Obama's decision to pull back proposed air pollution standards for ground-level ozone, as The Washington Post reports. Obama considered the regulations too burdensome for the economy. 

Students rally at the University of Richmond
Photo credit: Green UR's Flickr photostream
The tar sands protests didn't stop at the White House. When Obama visited the University of Richmond last week, students there organized a rally of their own to greet him. 

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that in the absence of strong federal oversight, pipeline operators are basically regulating themselves. 

Jimmy Fallon and Eddie Vedder harmonize about the tar balls from last year's oil spill, which are washing ashore in the south because of Tropical Storm Lee. 

An economist at the Environmental Defense Fund made a bold claim in the New York Times on Wednesday: without the right economic policies, individual action to protect the environment simply "does not work."

For all you vegetarians and vegans: Mother Jones looks into the growing science of in-vitro meat. It could be great for the environment, but would you eat it? 

Greenpeace has good news: Google has finally decided to be transparent about its energy usage. Their stats are in - now it's Facebook's turn to come clean about its carbon footprint. 

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