Sunday, July 19, 2009

Agraria: Farmers & Fishers: The Waterfront Gets a Renovation

I just discovered today that Agraria, one of the restaurants lining Georgetown's beautiful waterfront and a long advocate of sustainable agriculture/dining, has undergone a name and menu change. Now known as "Agraria: Farmers & Fishers," it brings the influence of the water to its sister restaurant Founding Farmers (which I highly recommend and which Kristin reviewed a few months ago). Thew new Agraria has a more affordable menu with MANY more options than before, including "farmhouse pizzas" and "heritage tacos" (made in homage to the field workers who plant, tend, and harvest our food).

You can check out the new menu here.

What I am most intrigued to try:

Summer Hummus with Griddled Navajo Bread

Spicy Tuna Farm Salad

Veggie Farmhouse Pizza

Agraria's new menu still celebrates the diversity of the American family farm. With a new menu that looks this good, you may overeat, but there's at least no guilt to be felt from the sourcing of your food!

Image taken from restaurant's website.


  1. yum yummmm. i love agraria - have been there three or four times and it's AMAZING every time; i had my birthday dinner there in march.

    they change their menu seasonally... but my favorite is the fried green tomatoes (which looks like it's not on the menu anymore... *sad face*) and the blueberry pie.

    i really want to try that tuna salad, roasted chicken, and sweet potato dumplings. yum yum yum. can't wait to get back there

  2. I thought it was really interesting to see the changes---the menu does have a "Founding Farmers" feel to it.

    I find the idea of the heritage tacos to be pretty amusing.

    It was interesting that I discovered this because a few weeks ago, I was wondering why Agraria's site had no menu up--turns out it's a whole new site!